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Bay Meadows

Beautiful, blue-green, well-domed heads.


Belstar has performed best for spring and fall productions but has still been adequate for summer crops. It has also performed well in Florida in the winter. Heads are medium green, domed with a medium-sized bead.

De Ciccio

A traditional variety producing small, 3-4", main heads projected well above the foliage followed by a large yield of side-shoot spears.

Happy Rich

Vigorous mini broccoli for successful summer crops and sweeter flavor.

Rosalind Purple Broccoli

Purple-headed broccoli for the true broccoli connoisseur. Its striking color and well-domed heads - 4-6" with medium to fine beads. Purple color fades to green when cooked. Does best in cool fall conditions and good fertility.

Santee Sprouting Broccoli

Broccolini as it has mini heads on leafy stalks. Abundant, tender, flavorful spears, are packed with nutrients. Unlike most sprouting broccolis, it doesn't require cold treatment to initiate bud development. Can be overwintered for impressive yields.

Spring Raab

Most versatile Broccoli Raab for growing.


This versatile, early variety produces beautiful, heavy, medium small, beaded, blue-green domes from spring, summer and fall plantings. Medium tall plants tolerate both heat and cold. Well protected heads are tolerant to downy mildew, brown bead and head rot.

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