Farm Report

June 10 - June 19, 2017

Cherry Tomato Trellises

Pounding Stakes

Rolling Out Wire to Attach Trellises

Rolling Out Wire for Trellis

Throwing Bales of Hay Mulch

Double Rainbow After a Storm
May 12 - May 26, 2017

Red Sweet Crisp Lettuce Ready for Market

Mulching Perennial Herb Garden

End of a Long Hot Planting Day

Napa Cabage

Mulching Perennial Herb Garden

View of Our Tunnels
April 22 - May 10, 2017

Planting Swiss Chard

Field After Mowing Rye

Morning Frost on the Farm

Night Farming

Spreading the Hay Mulch

Amy & Danny Discussing Primary Tillage

Mowing Rye in the Field

Juan Checking the Lettuce Seedlings
April 20, 2017

This field has been perfected twice and is ready to plant

The lettuce is growing. Soon to come out of the greenhouses.

Day one of planting in the fields.
Kale today!

Exploring carbon compost

Jose and Justin paying attention at morning meeting.

All ready for 2017 season!
March 06, 2017

"The Hepworth sisters (pictured above) pose like the bada** women they are, with over 400 acres of certified organic farmland in its 7th generation of family farming."

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December 01, 2016

The Alliance for Science 2016 Fall Speaker Series hosts Amy Hepworth as she presents "Moving Beyond a Two-Party Agricultural System". Click image to view the video.
October 5-October 23, 2016

Our friends at the 6th Community Center CSA was just voted #1 CSA in NYC by the Village Voice!

Love Our Crew!
September 20-September 26, 2016

Meet Lucy the cat , along with her parents Emily and Win,
they are member of the Park Slope Food Co-op
September 5-September 18, 2016
August 28-September 3, 2016

A 2 lb Pomodoro Red Pear Tomato!
August 15-August 21, 2016
Bitter Gourd "Karela"
Although bitter, this vegetable has a unique taste that is a delicacy in India and much of southeast Asia.

Creative displays at the Portland Whole Foods using Hepworth Farms produce to support the athletes in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Ready for Market!
July 25-August 5, 2016

Picking Fairytale Today

Tuckered Out from a Day in the Fields

Ready to Go!

Amy and our Lead Field Man Inocencio

Blueberry Cherry Tomatoes
A new variety for our mix
July 11-July 24, 2016

Vegetable Medley
June 25-July 04, 2016

Farm Rainbow

Hydro Cooling Lacinato Kale For Market

Basil Field

Six Varieties of Zucchini for the Market

Bringing in Veges for Market

Romenesco - Nature is Just Amazing!

Packing Today's Harvest for Tomorrows Market

Eggplant Art

Chinese Eggplant

Purple Cauliflower
June 16, 2016

Beautiful Field

Woodchuck Weeding
June 4-June 14, 2016

Putting up fencing for cherry tomatoes

Yellow Cauliflower

Purple Cauliflower is in the House!

Swiss Chard Field

Ana & Lisbeth Hydo Cooling Redbor Kale

Men Suckering Tomato Plants

Barese Plant - Unique Type of Swiss Chard

Amy Holding Cheddar + Graffiti Cauliflower


Field in the Making

Lacinato Kale
May 24-June 3, 2016

Farm Life :-)

Modena Field

Modena Field

View of Mohonk Ridge

Modena Field

Modena Field
May 23, 2016

Spring Broccoli Rabe.
The flowers of broccoli Rabe are edible and we harvest when they begin. Delicious traditionally cook and olive oil with garlic and pepper flakes. Loaded with folic acid and vitamins. Great with pasta. Italian specialty with mild flavor and broccoli like florettes.
May 11-20, 2016

Hepworth Farms Reflections

Prepping Field

Mating Game

Rock Patrol

Clearing a Large Rock

Farm Road

Spring on the Farm

AG Construction

Gap Meeting

Washing Ramps
April 08-18, 2016

Mowing Rye

Our babies

Redbor Kale Planting

Calibrating potassium to spread on the
fields with Amy, Jay & Carlos

Very Impressive Pollinator

Plastic Being Laid on a Beautiful Day

Dedicated Crew Working Hard

We love you Mr.Worm. 5 to 8 earth worms
per sq. foot is just right for optimum soil tilth.
April 04, 2016

New cedar shingles on our old cider mill. Thank you John!

Woodpecker has been busy here


Baby Greens


Red Russian kale seedlings for baby greens
October 08-13, 2015

F211 Seeding Rye

Men in Hot Pepper Field

Anaheim Hot Pepper

Swiss Chard - Beautiful Colors
October 01, 2015

Picking Tai Peppers
September 19-27, 2015

Hot Peppers Drying

Hot Peppers Drying

Amy in Eggplant Field

Vera Cruz Team Paying
Attention to Instructions

Last Day of Harvest Closing In

Black Velvet Tomatoes
September 2-6, 2015

Amy Scouting Tomatoes

Hepworth Farms In-store Display
August 23-31, 2015

Amy Training Men to Pick Hot Peppers

Peek A Boo Gerry! :-)

...and Peek A Boo Amy! :-)

Tomatoes Look Great This Year

Field at Sunrise

Gerry at Sunrise

Healthy and Beautiful!
August 17-19, 2015

Bird's Eye View of Our New Packing House

Our Hard Working Crew Packing Produce

Gerry, Amy and the Crew Getting the Job Done Once Again!

Love Seeing Everyone at Saturday's Market in Milton, NY.
July 27, 2015

New Packing House in Full Swing!!
July 12-21, 2015

Packing Mini Eggplants

Turning Over Compost

Japanese Beetles on Flowers

Jalafuego Ready to Pick

Orient Express Eggplant

Irrigation Pond by Farmhouse

Packing Line
July 02-05, 2015

J makes fun vegetable art at the farmers market. You should come check it out
next Saturday at Cluett-Schantz Park in Milton, N.Y.

Basil Field Ready to Pick
June 13-16, 2015

Men went in the bush and made their own tools out of tree parts. Love these guys!
June 10-12, 2015

Pounding Posts to Tie Up Tomatoes

Clipping Up Cherry Tomato Plants

The First Wall is Up
Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Men Listening to Suckering Instructions from Amy

Smoothing Out Floor in the New Cooler

Our Trusty Straw Mulcher
Friday, June 5, 2015

Cce Teresa Rusinek with Amy taking
leaf samples for nutrient analysis

Hepworth Farms featured in Summer issue!
Click magazine above to read the article.
Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lois and Amy Hepworth inspecting the
new Hepworth Farms construction

Picking PAC Choi
in the rain
Thursday, May 28, 2015

Harvesting our baby lettuce mix

Baby Lettuce Ready to Go!

Mibuna Bunch

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