~ 2017 SEASON ~

Clover and Native Plants as Cover Crop


Morning Stretch with the Men

More Beautiful Cover Crop

Happy Rich Broccoli

End of a Long Hot Planting Day

Homemade Pond

Planting Swiss Chard

Field After Mowing Rye

Spreading the Hay Mulch

Amy & Danny Discussing Primary Tillage

~ 2016 SEASON ~

We were lucky enough to have photographer John Fischer visit our farm. He is a photographer who recently started a series of photos related to work and life in Ulster County. He came by Hepworth Farms recently and spent some time learning a bit about us and taking some photos. A few of them can be seen on his FACEBOOK page. In what he wrote there are links to see many more photos of Hepworth Farms on his website, and links to see more from this series called "How Ulster County Works". If you enjoy what he does and want to see more, you can sign up for his email list on his website.

Picking Fairytale eggplants today.

Preparing Fields

Preparing Fields

Our local crew with Amy getting our fields ready.

We are very honored to have gotten this award.

~ 2015 SEASON ~

Farm-to-Table. Delicious!

Just Love the Colors!

One of Our Tomato Rows

Production is in full swing!

Nubia Eggplants

Calliope Eggplant

Good Ole' Fashion Fun at the Farmer's Market in Milton, NY

Teresa Rusinek Getting a Leaf Sample

Hepworth Farms featured in Summer issue!

Modena, New York

Milton, New York

Lloyd, New York

Laying Plastic on the New Field

Plowing The Field

Field 80 Ready For Planting

Milton, New York

Meeting with Allen and Joe

Shiso last years winner for pollinators habitat - spring field clean up

~ 2014 SEASON ~

D'Avignon, Ping Pong (white), Amethyst (purple round), Cherriette (red round).
We have 10 radish varieties!

Pepper Clamshells

Mixed Cherry Tomatoes

Monitoring Fields for Ripeness of Vegetables and Pest Control

Eat your colors at Whole Foods Market!!
Getting produce packed for market

Allen, Amy, Gerry and Bagel at Parkslope Co-op

Mini Eggplants and Romanita Clamshell

Produce For Market

Milton, NY Farm Market

Gail and the Crew

Amy Checking Out the Ground Cherries

A Stink Bug Traps - Using Light, Visual and Pheromone Lures

A Great Start to Our 2014 Season at Hepworth Farms
Jeri's Rock
After we "blew up" Jeri's" rock, we now have enough raw material to put the foundations in for 3 new greenhouses and shale to maintain our farm roads....and other future projects.
Breaking New Ground with a 5 Bottom Plow

Jay Washing the Tractor
Gail in the Greenhouse

New Greenhouse
Amy and Gerry with Our Early Morning Crew
Greenhouse 11 is Going Up Composting High Tunnels
Dumping Compost at Sunset Hepworth Farms

~ 2013 SEASON ~

Hepworth Farms: The Seventh Generation
By Brian Dentz
Imagine being able to go to a farm and ask them to plant exactly what you'd like
to see end up on your dinner table. That's the kind of relationship the Coop has with
Hepworth Farms, run by twin sisters in the Hudson Valley.
"That farm is a very big deal to us and we are a big deal to them," said Allen Zimmerman,
a General Coordinator at the Park Slope Food Coop, which has been buying produce from Hepworth Farms for 30 years. Today, Hepworth is the Coop's largest local supplier of fruits and vegetables.
>> Read More

U.S. Rep. Maurice Hinchey presents Hepworth Farms with a grant to install
a 22.8-kilowatt solar electricity generation system on the farm.

Sunrise on the Farm
Double Rainbow


Allen Zimmerman
"Let me know if you have any bigger ones.
If you do, please save them for someone younger and stronger than me."
Allen Zimmerman, General Coordinator Park Slope Food Coop

Hepworth Bag Fields
Heirloom Tomatoes
Lettuce Pepeprs
Okra Squash
Broccoli Zucchini
Peppers Guys Working

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