Chicory Catalogna
We grow this chicory for its stems. It has small frily leaf with thick stems that almost looks like a bulb. Adds a great tasting crunch to your salad. Less bitter than other chicory.
Chicory Catalogna Puntarelle Brindisina
This chicory is grown for its stems. It has a small almost frilly leaf with very thick stem that comes together almost as a bulb. Very nice in salads. Slice up, soak in ice water for a few minutes (nice but not necessary) and serve in a salad.
Chicory Pan di Zucchero
Sugar Loaf leaf chicory. This is highly unusual chocory that grows a large, long and very tight head. Sweetest of all the chicory and becoming the craze among chefs.
Dark Red Lolla Rosa Dark Lolla Rosa
Heavily frilled green leaves with dark red edges are essential in salad mix. Provides loft, texture, and color. Good red color even in low-light conditions under row covers. More compact and slower growing than other lettuce types. Much darker red than regular Lollo Rossa. For baby leaf only. Use Natividad for growing full size plants for garnish leaves.
Deer Tongue (Green Bib)
Well-known, heirloom bibb type. An heirloom with unique, tongue-shaped leaves and excellent flavor.
Escarole Cornetto di Brodeaux
Large upright heading type, white ribs and green leaves. Classic Italian Escarole. Yum Yum.
Green Bibb Buttercrunch Green Bibb - Buttercrunch
Highly rated for baby leaf. Forms a small, open but tightly bunched, 6" rosette that is fan-shaped rather than round. The leaves are dark green, and the small, compact hearts blanch to an appetizing yellow color. Crisp and sweet.
Green Bibb - Spretnak
Dark green, soft textured leaves form a nice blanched heart.
Green Butterhead Adriana Green Butterhead - Adriana
Developed by the same talented breeder, Adriana is larger than Ermosa with a broader disease package. Heads are full and dense with good taste.
Green Butterhead Dancine Green Butterhead - Dancine
Small, dense, heads mature just bigger than a baseball and are perfect for making 1-2 salads.
Green Butterhead FoceaGreen Butterhead - Focea
Small heads mature early. Superior, juicy-sweet flavor. Dense heads are great for "mini-heads".
Green Butterhead Nancy Green Butterhead - Nancy
The medium-green leaves are unusually thick and crisp, so the head is sturdy and holds well. The large, well-packed heart has excellent butterhead quality.
Green Butterhead Sylvesta Green Butterhead - Sylvesta
Virtually identical to the popular Nancy, but with added disease resistance. Big heads with thick, flavorful leaves.
Green Grand Rapids Two Star Green Grand Rapids - Two Star
Slightly later, but heavier and slower bolting than Waldmann's.
Green Grand Rapids Tropicana Green Grand Rapids - Tropicana
Plants produce full heads with heavy leaves.
Green Leaf - Baby Oakleaf

Small, compact green oakleaf for mini heads. Medium-green, oak-shaped leaves with rounded lobes. Compact version of Green Oakleaf.

Green Leaf - Green Star
Green Star's shiny green color makes it look especially "fresh" for retail sales and in salads. Medium-size heads with very good flavor.
Green Romaine Coastal StarGreen Romaine - Coastal Star
The large, heavy heads are similar to Parris Island but are darker green and more tolerant to heat. Suitable for marketing as full heads or romaine hearts. Good, sweet flavor.
Green Romaine - Dragoon
New! True, green, mini romaine. Compact and uniform. Leaves are thick and have an excellent crisp texture.
Green Romaine Green Forest Green Romaine - Green Forest
An early, tall, Parris Island type. In trials compared to Green Towers, it has been earlier, darker green, the same height, more tolerant to tipburn, sclerotinia, and corky root. Slower bolting, and with smoother ribs so it packs and handles with less damage. Good romaine flavor.
Green Romaine Jericho Green Romaine - Jericho
Tall, heavy heads are bright light green with excellent eating quality. Our best-tasting romaine.
Green Romaine Winter Density Green Romaine - Winter Density
Unique, specialty bibb-romaine type.Compact, extra-dark green heads, avg. 8" tall. Very tightly folded. Even the outer leaves take part in the head formation. Can be best described as a tall Buttercrunch. Good salad quality.
Green Summer Crisp - Muir
Technically a Batavian type, the light green, extra wavy leaves form dense heads at a small size. The leaves are crisp and have excellent flavor..
Green Summer Crisp Nevada Green Summer Crisp - Nevada
Bright green leaves form an upright whorl. Resists tipburn, bottom rot and bolting, and its great taste stays mild. Heavy heads.
Description to come.
Radicchio di Castelfranco
Round crunchy closed head. Beautiful red & light green markings. Lovely in the salad bowl.
Radicchio Pan di Zucchero
Upright light green variety with large, long tight head. Popular throughout Italy. Use cooked or in salads.
Red Butterhead SkyphosRed Butterhead - Skyphos
Beautiful, large dark red heads with nicely contrasting green centers. Excellent flavor and texture.
Red Cross Red ButterheadRed Cross Red Butterhead
The large, fancy, bright red heads make a stunning presentation. Suitable for spring, summer, and fall crops. Better heat tolerance and brighter red color than Marvel of Four Seasons.
Red Grand Rapids VulcanRed Leaf - Vulcan
Combines earliness, color, size, and flavor. Crisp and mild. Ruffled, slightly frilled leaves are a vivid, candy-apple red over a light green background.
Red Lolla AntagoRed Lolla - Antago
Leaves are larger than Dark Lollo at garnish size, and the color is much darker under low light conditions.
Red Lolla SoleroRed Lolla - Solero
Red, heavily frilled leaves provide loft, texture, and color.
Red Grand Rapids New Red FireRed Grand Rapids New Red Fire
Relatively slow, but makes a heavy head of well-colored, frilly leaves.
Red Grand Rapids Red SailsRed Grand Rapids Red Sails
Attractive, compact heads with ruffled, fringed leaves of deep burgundy red over green. Nice and crisp with a taste stays mild for a long time without bitterness.
Red Grand Rapid GalacticRed Grand Rapid - Galactic
Dark red ruffled baby leaf. Intense red, even under low-light conditions.
Red Romaine - Breen
True compact, red, mini romaine. Breen forms a very compact mini head early. Color is a medium bronze red.
Red Romaine OutredeousRed Romaine - Outredeous
Completely bright red with ruffled edges. Outstanding, solid bright red color is strong even under low-light conditions. Full-sized heads are big, tall, and beautiful, but somewhat loose. Best banded. Flavorful.
Red Romaine Red RosieRed Romaine - Red Rosie
Red Rosie has a similar upright plant like Rosalita but is much brighter red. Excellent for full size or baby use.
Red Romaine - Truchas
Dark red, mini romaine. The compact, mini heads are dark red even in the North.
Red Summer Crisp CherokeeRed Summer Crisp - Cherokee
Dark red leaves for mini-head or full-size production. Thick, crisp, dark red leaves with good flavor. Similar appearance to Magenta except much darker red color.
Red Summer Crisp TeideRed Summer Crisp - Teide
Beautiful heads are comprised of whorls of dark red frilly leaves. Leaves are softer and less crisp than a typical summer crisp.
Reine des Glaces (Iceberg Heirloom)
Spiky leafed iceberg-type lettuce.
Rhazes (Red Bib)
Dark red leaves with a bright green heart. Very uniform and slow to bolt. Pairs very nicely with other mini bibbs.
Red Lolla SoleroRouxai (Red Oakleaf)
Compact, full-size red oakleaf with striking red color. Lobed leaves are an attractive, deep cherry-red with great flavor and leaf texture. Very uniform plants.
Salanova® Green Butter
Traditional medium green color. Large size, dense head.
Salanova® Green Oakleaf
Medium green color. Finely lobed, saladbowl leaf shape. Medium size, compact head.
Salanova® Green Sweet Crisp
Dark green color. Exceptionally sweet flavor. Large size, heavy head.
Salanova® Red Butter
Triple red color. Very upright habit. Medium size, large head.
Salanova® Red Incised Lollo
Double red color. Lollo rossa type. Medium size, heavy head.
Salanova® Red Oakleaf
Triple red color. Finely lobed, deer tongue leaf shape. Medium size, compact head.
Salanova® Red Sweet Crisp
Double red color. Exceptionally sweet flavor. Medium size, heavy head.

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