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Ginkaku Korean

This Korean melon is oval shaped and matures to a deep golden color with white stripes. Inside , the white flesh is quite thick, crisp, smooth and remarkably sweet with a 15-16 brix degree in sugar content. They only weigh about 1.5 lbs - a real treat to the taste buds!

Golden Midget Watermelon

HEIRLOOM: The earliest watermelon in the field! Not only is Golden Midget early but it also has a unique yellow rind when ripe. Flesh is salmon in color, juicy and sweet with black seeds.

Hoagen Melon

GALIA: Early maturing, green-fleshed melon with a unique look and pleasant flavor that is a refreshing, honeyed treat. Flesh is smooth and juicy with a relatively thin, smooth rind. Melons average 2-3 lbs each. Short harvest window; collect melons when skin becomes yellow with green ribbing.

Sugar Baby

An excellent northern, short-season variety that produces reliable yields of 6-12 lb, perfectly round fruits ranging from 7-8.5” in diameter. Fruits have a solid green rind and deep red flesh. Flavor is sweet and juicy.

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