Ginkaku Korean Melon
This Korean melon is oval shaped and matures to a deep golden color with white stripes. Inside , the white flesh is quite thick, crisp, smooth and remarkably sweet with a 15-16 brix degree in sugar content. They only weigh about 1.5 lbs - a real treat to the taste buds!
Golden Midget Watermelon
HEIRLOOM: The earliest watermelon in the field! Not only is Golden Midget early but it also has a unique yellow rind when ripe. Flesh is salmon in color, juicy and sweet with black seeds. Leaves are green and yellow and cotyledons tend to pop out of the seed yellow too. A great variety for the home garden or market. Harvest promptly to avoid splitting.
Hoagen Melon
GALIA: Early maturing, green-fleshed melon with a unique look and pleasant flavor that is a refreshing, honeyed treat. Flesh is smooth and juicy with a relatively thin, smooth rind. Melons average 2-3 lbs each. Short harvest window; collect melons when skin becomes yellow with green ribbing. 
Sugar Baby
An excellent northern, short-season variety that produces reliable yields of 6-12 lb, perfectly round fruits ranging from 7-8.5” in diameter. Fruits have a solid green rind and deep red flesh. Flavor is sweet and juicy. The standard for small watermelons. Our strain has been selected for cool growing conditions and high yields. Shows good resistance to drought.

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