Other Varieties

Orange Summer Kabocha
Attractive red kabocha with vibrant orange color and great uniformity of size and shape. Orange Summer is an improved Uchiki Kuri hybrid with early maturity and consistently higher yields. Fruits average 4 LB, measuring about 6.5” in height and 6.5” in diameter. Bush type plants are strong against mildew.
Porto Spineless Cardoon
Artichoke flavored leaf stalks that are an Italian favorite. The leaf stalks and midrib of cardoon have a similar flavor to arichoke when boiled. This is not a vegetable that we eat raw. Both parts are used as a side vetable, in stuffin or in soups and stews. If we don't havest them, they produce a large pruple, thistle-like flower.
Scarlet Ohno Rivival Turnip
When Chef Emeril Lagasse visited our trial gardens, he could not believe his eyes when he saw our specialty turnip trial and in particular the bright pink Scarlet Ohno. Hot pink skins are vibrant and semi-flattened with white interiors. Flesh is mild and crunchy. Excellent for baby roots or greens with a signature pink streak. Best harvested when 2” wide and traditionally used for pickling. Greens have long strap shaped leaves and are smooth with a pinkish purple mid-rib.



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