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Avalanche Snow Peas

Fancy , dark green pods typically harvested at 3.75" but can be harvested at 2.5-3.5" for extra fancy snow peas - Plant produce more tendrils for garnish than typical peas.Can grow with or without of trelis.

Dwarf Grey Sugar

We grow these for their delicious white flowers and pea shoots. Yummy on the salad or used as edible garnish.


White flowered tendrils make great garnishes. Very Sweet medium-sizzed peas averaging 6-8 peas per pod. This plant makes many tendrils and that is why we grow it.

Golden Sweet Snow Peas

Yellow podded snow peas! Best flavor when they are 3-3.5". Need to be trelised.


Best flavor - outstanding late variety.

Oregon Giant Snow Peas

Largest-podded (4.5") snow pea we grow. Sweet berries inside big, sweet pods comibie for a delicious flavor treat. Medium green flat pods can be grow with ou without support.


Long fancy pods and the best looking pea we grow. Easy to shell and great eating quality.


The most flavorful early pea - so glad to have them early we grow them and they are a great fresh start to even better tasing peas to come.

Shiraz Snow Peas

Beautiful purple pods! Best picked at >3" and promptly! Because larger pods can become bitter and the color is diminished. Best used in raw salads or slightly sauted. Color changes if cooked too much.


The most flavorful mid-season variety.

Sugar Ann Snap Peas

Earliest snap pea - sweet crisp pods mature extra early. Remove strings from pods before cooking. :-(

Sugar Snap Peas

Most flavorful snap pea - it is the house hold name for since its introduction in 1979. Both peas and pods are sweet. They need trelis support when growing. Remove string from pods when cooking. Classic.

Sugar Sprint Snap Peas

An almost stringless pea with excellent eating quality. Strings don't require removal beofre eating. Yeah!

Super Sugar Snap Peas

This adaptation of the Sugar Snap has important disease resistance, A little be less un-ruley than the Sugar Snap but still needs trelising. The yields are heavier but shorter.

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