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Bull's Blood

Deep burgundy leaves for salad mix. Heirloom variety produces beautiful, dark red leaves to jazz up your salad mi. Striking, both baby and full size. Roots show attractive candy-striped zoning when sliced.

Guardsmark Chioggia Beet

Candy-striped beet with alternating rings of dark red and white that are unique and beautiful.


Uniform roots with exceptional flavor. Smooth, round roots with high sugar content. Tops are somewhat smaller than Red Ace and can be used for bunching.

Red Ace

This is just the best all-around beet: round smooth with deep red roots. Sweet and tender and not very picky about when it gets pulled.



Vibrant purple skin reveals a bright orange interior with a unique yellow core. Dragon is a Danvers-type carrot with wide shoulders and a tapered tip. Roots are full-sized at 7-8” long and very hardy.


Consistently sweet this is our favorite carrot, not to mention it comes in early. 5-6.5" cylidrical and blunt end.

Purple Haze

Tapered roots average 7" long, with deep purple skin, orange flesh. Crunchy roots and sweet flavor with a slight hint of spice.

White Satin

Exceptionally sweet, white tender root. A gourmet selection with mild flavor and a juicy crunch in every bite. Fast growing roots are 8" long at maturity, straight and firm with a small core. Fresh carrot flavor and sweetness compare with modern nantes types.


Similar to Nelson, a little better looking but they aren't as sweet during the warmer days of the harvest season.


Sunflower yellow carrots are long and slender averaging 9” at maturity with strong, feathery tops. Pick early for a tender, mild flavored treat.



Long traditional varieity from Southern France- radishes are 3-4" long, slender, red with whit tip, tapered to a pont.

French Breakfast

HEIRLOOM: An oblong, blunt-tipped radish, half red on top and white on the bottom. Has a healthy radish spiciness and quality. Can become pithy if harvested late. Average 2" long.


Our most dependable radish. Rover is extra early, holds well in the field, nice and round, crisp white flesh - what's not to love about them?


A pretty in pink end to your summer salad days! A Chinese ball-shaped radish with bright-pink flesh, white skin and green shoulders averaging 2.5 - 3" diameter. Inner flesh is crispy and mildly sweet. Excellent in salads, as a garnish or cooked. Best grown in fall, similar to daikon.

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