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Dark green, straight zucchini - the disease resistance is much batter than our favorite variety Raven.

Eight Ball

Round, dark green with speckles. Great shape for stuffing or sliced mixed with Geode and Floridor.

Golden Glory

Golden Glory became our favorite Yellow Zucchini. It has a dark yellow color and taste buttery sweet and delicious.


Yellow zucchini with attractive white stripes.


A Mediterranean (Lebonese) type is more slender and elongated than Madga, cylindrical shape pairs nicely with Safari.


Light green to mottled-gray round zucchini. Compact bush and open plant habit for easy harvest. Good yields of crisp and light-flavored fruit


This "cousa" (Lebanese) type has superb flavor.Magda has a sweet nutty flavor and is blocky, not as slender as Isthar. Paris nicely with Bush Baby variety.


This was new addition to our 2013 growing season. Spineless and dark green cylindrical zucchini.


We love this dark green high yielding zucchini. The darker green skin contains higher levels of lutein, a highly effective antioxidant.


Striped Safari is more cylindrical longer than Baby Bush. The stripes are lighter than Baby Bush. Nicely pairs with Sunbeam.

Slick PIK

Very attractive, spineless and good flavor. Traditional yellow summer squash that has only a slight curve.

Spineless King

Medium-dark green zucchini has an upright, open spinells plant which makes it more comfortable for our pickers and helps keep our zucchini scratch free. This is our favorite zucchini flower variety.

Summer Ball

Bright yellow fruit. A summer treat!

Sunburst Patty Pan

Our favorite patty pan, pretty yellow and we can harvest it tiny with the flowe attached or teacup size.


Unique appearance yellow with faint white stripes and a light green at the blossom end. One of our buyers who has his own garden recommended we grow this. He said it's his favorite summer squash because of its unusually delicious nutty taste and firm texture.

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