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Red and Pink Tomatoes


Has full, rich tomato flavor.

Big Beef

This large fruit has an old-time tomato flavor.

Big Brandy Hybrid

Flavorful, aromatic pink beefsteaks.


Bred in Italy, where flavor is paramount. Flat-round fruits with light ribbing and striking, deep red color.


Luscious flavor as “very rich, loud, and distinctively spicy.” The large fruits, often over 1 lb., have a deep pink skin and smooth red flesh.

BrandyWine Pink (pink beauty)

Excellent, complex flavor like a fine wine. The fruits tend to vary from round to boat shape.

Brandywine RED

Beefsteak-shaped fruit that are perfect for slicing. The thin-skinned, pinkish-red tomatoes are flavorful but not acidic.

Buffalo Steak

Large, prolonged harvests and flavorful, deep red tomatoes with a classic beefsteak shape. Tomatoes are meaty with few seeds and have a wonderful silky texture and old-fashioned tomato taste.

Costaluto Genovese

Italian Heirloom, large deep-red, juicy tomatoes are deeply ribbed - if you like the acid of a good Italian tomato, this is it.

Cuor di Bue (Oxheart)

6-12 oz early Deep pink skin dark red flesh, amazing tasty.


Beautiful, deep red, ribbed tomatoes are borne on healthy plants. Flavor is among the best with smooth, soft texture.


Excellent flavor. Shares flavor qualities (sweet, rich, and tangy) with traditional pink heirlooms, such as Brandywine and Pruden’s Purple.


Beautiful, smooth fruit.

German Johnson

Excellent flavor. Fruits have lots of deep, acidic tomato flavor and a rich, creamy texture.

Peron Sprayless

Deep-red, dual-purpose canning and slicing sort. Smooth very dense-fleshed and meaty, and show very little core. Skins are very thick and tough, simplifying peeling when processing, and making the crack-resistant.

Marriage Genuwine

Bright red slicer with well-balanced, old-time look and flavor.

Prudence Purple

Excellent, luscious, savory and sweet flavor -Vivid dark pink skin with crimson flesh…our favorite brandywine-type.

Red Pear Piriform

Pear-shaped, superb, old-fashioned, juicy, sweet flavor. This heirloom from Italy should be picked when shoulders are still green.


Italian Oxheart that has a mild flavor when eaten raw but makes a flavorful sauce. The meaty fruit is also good for stuffing.

Black and Purple Tomatoes

Black brandywine

Real tomato taste, prolific yielder, novel black fruits are well formed, oval.

Black Krim

Exotic and muksy flavor, some say intense and smokey, this Russian heirloom has an intruiging appearance of violet brown and raspberry red, often with brown/green shoulders. This tomato must be picked while half green and still firm or it will loose its otherwise good texture.

Carbon Black

Exotic and muksy flavor, some say intense and smokey, this Russian heirloom has an intruiging appearance of violet brown and raspberry red, often with brown/green shoulders. This tomato must be picked while half green and still firm or it will loose its otherwise good texture.


Large Mahogany-colored variety has excellent flavor and beautiful large fruit. Stabalized version of the beloved Cherokee Purple tomato with the similarly wonderful flavor.


Dusky pink with dark shoulders and a mulitcould interior, this large heirloom has full flavor.

Japanese BLACK Trifele

4-6 oz Pear shaped with burgandy color with excellent, rich flavor. Harvest when shoulders are still green for best taste.


Flesh is very soft and has excellent flavor and texture.


Black 6-8oz round smooth fruit with an excellent, sweet yet full of that special black tomato richness.

Yellow and Orange Tomatoes

Aunt Gertie's Gold

Excellent Sumptious Rich Flavor - Possibly the best-tasting yellow heirloom. Tangerine orangeOblate globe, smooth varying size.

BrandyMaster YELLOW

Modern Strain of the classic Brandywine, shiney fruits have firm yet juicy flesh with that rich tomato taste.

BrandyWine Yellow

Old-timer with rich flavor - finicky to grow but we do because we love the fruit when it does produce a sellable tomato (even though there are not that many)!

Chef's Choice

Attractive orange beefsteak. Fruits are low in acid and have very good flavor and texture.


A persimmon-colored Russian heirloom beefsteak; high in flavor, low in acidity.


Round, smooth 8-10 oz fruits have a sunny orange color with a full tomato taste.

Green Tomatoes


Large green beefsteaks ripen to pale green with a tint of yellow and have a pink blush underneath that extends inside the flesh. The flavor is sweet, yet spicy and quite delicious. Fruit weighs from 12 to 16 ozs., and has the smoothest shape of any large green tomato. Heirloom variety.

Chef's Choice Green

Tangy sweet flavor and unconventional, attractive green fruits. Now joining the ranks of the ‘Chef’s Choice’ hybrid tomatoes is this unusually colored, bright yellow-green variety.

Cherokee Green

Unique color, great flavor it is a green-when-rip tomato that hassome yelowish-orange color on the blossom end when ripe. Lots of bold, acidic, complex tomato flavor.

Multi-Color Tomatoes

BIG Rainbow

Over the top in color, size, vigor, and flavor.

Black Beauty

Deep red flesh is among the best tasting of all tomatoes. Rich, smooth and savory with earthy tones.

Blue Beauty

Fruits are modest beefsteak- type slicers and the flavor is as good as their outstanding anti-oxidant content! Gorgeous, deep blue-black shoulders make this unique among slicing types.

Indigo Blue Beauty

A cross between Beauty King and a blue tomato. Meaty, pink, 4 to 8 ounce, beefsteak fruits, with lovely dark blue-black shoulders.

Lovely Lush

A large, pink, striped beefsteak with vibrant indigo-purple coloring on top. The meaty fruits have a flattened shape, with amazing colors.

Lucid Gem

Slicing-type fruits are stunning, inside and out! This is a sister selection to Blue Beauty. Very meaty and containing very few seeds. First they ripen yellow, then more toward orange when very ripe.

Marvel Stripe

10-16 oz unusual shape, sweet and juicy with few seeds.

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye

Unique appearance with heirloom-quality flavor. The flavor is outstanding - sweet and complex like the finest heirlooms.

Pink Boar

Pinkish-wine colored with metallic green stripes. A great producer and is a definite winner if you want a smaller, juicy, sweet tomato.

Striped German

The flat, medium to large, variably ribbed-shoulder tomatoes are shaded yellow and red. The marbled interior looks beautiful sliced. Complex, fruity flavor and smooth texture.

Heirloom Artisan/Specialty Tomatoes

Black Velvet

Firm, sleek rosy-mahogany colored “black” tomato. Nice medium size - we find this a dependable winner for flavor and appearance.

Bloody Butcher

Sensational general use fruits have a rich heirloom flavor and a deep red color, inside and out.

Blue Chocolat

A very special salad tomato with rich red-brown coloring topped with exotic blue! Fruits have a nice, sweet flavor.


Elongated cherry-type - bicolor with stripes of beautiful bright yellow with red stripes. Excellent sweet fruity flavor.


Largest of our Indigo tomatoes…this beefsteak (6-8 oz) boasts a stunning true blue where the sunlight hits it first and as it ripens the purple deepens and eventually turns more reddish, with excellent flavor.


Cocktail-sized, 1-2 oz. red fruits. Sweetness combines with moderate acidity to create a wonderfully complex flavor. Smooth internal texture characteristic of the finer heirlooms. Very nice eating tomato.

Green Zebra

Green-striped salad specialty. A delicious, tangy salad tomato, ripe just as the green fruit develops a yellow blush, accentuating the darker green stripes. The 3-4 oz. fruits are the ideal size for slicing into wedges for salads.


Amazing indigo cherry tomato packed with high levels of anthocyanin that are contained in the beautiful deep purple skin. Unripe fruit are amethyst colored and ripen to an almost black with a bit of brick red on the bottom. They are delicious, plum-like flavor.

INDIGO Cherry Drop

Improved Indigo Rose. Indigo Cherry Drops has the same striking dark blue anthocyanin coloration over red flesh.

Indigo Kumquat

This golden colored Indigo large grape-type has purple shading on the shoulders and a light yellow interior with a unique and delicious flavor.


Darkest tomato we grow, exceptionally high in anthocyanins (antioxidants). Good flavor with plummy overtones.


Ruby is a grape-plum like indigo tomato that has dark pinkish red with purple and a very good tomato flavor. The gell is red and looks lovely when cut.

Juanne Flamme

A perfect, fruity blend of sweet and tart. Jaune Flamme (or Yellow Flame in French) excels, whether dried or roasted.


Elongated cherry-type - Green striped with a striking red blush. As Lucky Tiger ripens, the green striping becomes more defined and the background turns red as the interior marbling develops. Excellent sweet/tart flavor.


Unique plum/pear shape, small fruits 1-1.5 oz have a pleasant tomato taste with a nice sweet overall flavor that is less tart than other green varieties. Variety bred by Brad Gates, Wild Boar Farms.

Mountain Honey

Description to Come.


Pink round large cherry-type are striped with yellow and orange with excellent sweet flavor.


Yellow orange striping large elongated cherry tomato (shaped like a grape tomato) with an excellent flavor that is a well balance of sweet and acidic. Pretty dark pink with contrasting lighter striping.


Purple round large cherry-type with metallic green striping with and excellent sweet flavor. Eye catching!

Red Calabash

2-3 oz, Delicious, thin skinned.


Yellow round large cherry-type with red stripes and pink interior marbling. Gorgeous with a sweet and tangy flavor.

Cherry Tomatoes

Black Cherry

Sweet and robust. The round fruits are almost black in color. The flavor is dynamic - much like an heirloom.


Bright red, 1 ounce cherry tomatoes have a deliciously sweet and juicy, bold tomato flavor. Fruits are thin skinned and ripen quickly and uniformly.

Cherry Bomb

Classic cherry tomato flavor - firm, sweet, and well-balanced.

Chocolate Cherry

Extremely flavorful, uniform with a pretty purple color.

Chocolate Sprinkles - Mix

Chocolate Sprinkles is the perfect balance of flavor, appearance, yield, and disease resistance. These elongated, bite-sized tomatoes have striking, forest green streaks over deep coppery-red and a delightfully sweet taste.


Great flavor and texture. Flavor is very sweet, but well balanced with a tangy kick. Smooth, even texture adds to their exceptional snacking quality.


They are very sweet, juicy, and flavorful. One of the the best orange tomatoes. Perfect for sandwiches, salads, and slicing.


Delicious and productive, this red cherry tomato grows good in our our tunnels and fields.


Early delicious attractive red cherry with real sweet tomato flavor and firmness.


Heirloom gem of exceptionally sweet bright tangerine-orange cherry tomatoes. The tendancy for these fantastic tomatoes to crack easily break our hearts but we grow them because they are so yummilious!


Great tasting pink cherry - very sweet with excellent flavor.


Sweeter than sungolds with better crack resistance. We love these golden orange fruits filled with sweetness!


Great tasting - Sugary Sweet, small red cherry tomato…we are growing this for the added flavor in our mix!


Great flavor in this large dark pink cherry.

Yellow Mini

Bright Yellow round cherries with excellent sweet juicy flavor. This is our favorite round yellow cherry.

Compari-type/Cocktail Tomatoes


An orange compliment to Mountain Magic.

Mountain Magic

We love this bright red cocktail tomato. It's a delicious - very sweet - a great snacking tomato and perfect in salads. It also keeps for weeks after it is picked ripe.

Grape Tomatoes

BHN 785 - Determinate

Excellent flavor consistently sized - these grape tomatoes grow on a determinate plant with good coverage.


The tomatoes are crack resistant and grow in grape like clusters. Great eating right off the vine, or in salads.

Five Star Grape

This is one of the best tasting red grapes we grow - excellent sweet flaover, firm and meaty texture - few seed and not juicy - which is characteristic of classic grape tomatoes.

Golden Sweet

Firm Deep yellow fruits - delcious, mild sweet flavor. Golden Sweet grows long clusters of deep yellow grape tomatoes that stay firm and crisp.


Nova is a bright orange color with excellent, sweet flavor. Firm, meaty.


Beautiful pink, exceptionally sweet fruit.

Ruby Crush

Shines in the field, and the sugary-acid balanced fruits resist cracking. Truly delicious.

Sakura Honey

We love this pink Grape and thanks to Matt Becker of Becker Family Farms in Wisonson who helped us find the seeds!

Solid Gold

Remarkable flavor, firm great looking yellow grape.

Heritage Tomatoes

Big Beef

This large fruit has an old-time tomato flavor.

Big Brandy

Flavorful, aromatic pink beefsteaks.

Chef's Choice Orange

Slightly flattened, they seem made for slicing onto sandwiches and into salads. Chefs will love them because they keep every bit of their bright color when cooked! Chef’s Choice is the tomato that won’t look muddy when it’s sauteed, baked, broiled, or steamed!

Peron Sprayless

This flavorful, prolific, midseason slicing tomato bears firm, bright red, mildly acidic, vitamin-rich fruits.


This fruit has a combination of very good flavor and texture.

Field Tomatoes

BHN 871

Pretty golden orange tomatoes. They had a better yield and less disease than carolina Golds so we will favor this tomato.

BHN 1021

8-16 oz. bright red slicers have good texture, which contributes to the high eating quality.

Carolina Gold

Large yellow-gold field tomato - this used to be our favorite but last year it did not produce many #1's but we are going to grow it again and keep our eye on it.


The 6-8 oz., globe-shaped fruit are smooth and medium-firm with good texture. Deep red internal and external color.

Mountain Fresh Plus

We grow many varieites of beefsteak, always in search of the perfect one (one that can ship, look and taste great). We know this is not perfect but it rarely gets out-performed. Produces big red tomatoes with consistently good flavor.


Very similar to Mountain Fresh, but the plant has better disease resistance, which is becoming an increasingly important attribute for us because it helps us reduce pesticide-use.


Sweet, yet slightly tangy, excellent flavored, beefsteak type fruits are the perfect balance of sugars and acid. Dribble down your chin juiciness makes this a perfect choice for sauces, salsas, salads or slicing.

Red Rave

Has very good flavor while being very firm.

Roma/Plum Tomatoes


San Marzano-type with very nice flavor and deep red color. In addition to canning and fresh sause, Atavico is goo for drying (slice in half and pop out the small amount of seeds and gel before drying).

BHN 685

One of the largest fruit-size Roma with a nice, big plant.

BHN 901

A tasty yellow plum tomato.

Golden Rave (mini)

Small yellow Romanita (Mini-roma) with great flavor - they are full well balanced and have a sweet flavor - we pplan on packaging them with Juliets for a bi-color mini roma pack.


These tomatoes have a very good flavor. Thick-walled fruit are good for fresh tomato sauces, salsas, and salads.

Juliet (mini)

Small Mini-roma Deep red shiney fruits are small 2.25". Delicious, rich flavor for fresh eating - they are meaty so they are great for cooking sauce and we find them to be the best drying tomatoes.

La Roma III

La Roma III has been our farm favorite for traditional plum tomato, although we try every year to find other varieties that might be better.

Lizziebelle (mini)

Lizziebelle is a baby plum (romanette) that ripen to a deep orange color. Their flavor and sweetness is a treasure and we plan on packaging them in a tri-color pack with Juliets (red) and GoldenRave (yellow).

Plum Regal

Fruits have a deep red color with good flavor.

Pomodoro Red Pear

This is a prized Italian Heirloom that is large, pear-shaped with deep ribbing. It is heavy and meaty with a flavor that can not be beat for a delicious tomato sauce. It is a definite favorite!

Pony Express

An early Plum tomato are dark red - we are trying this plum out in 2014 season because the plant has excellent disease resistance for better yeilds and healthier Earth.

Verona (MINI)

Similar to Juliet, but with even tastier, somewhat plumper, deep red “cocktail plum” fruits.


De Milpa

In Mexico, these tomatillos grow unattended in family corn fields and are harvested for home use and for selling in town on market day. High dry matter, small to medium, round fruits store fresh for several weeks, handy for fresh salsa.

Toma Verde

Early, green tomatillo. Early-maturing, large, flat-round green fruits. Use in salsa or Mexican cooking.

Husk Cherry Tomatoes

Giant Poha Berry

This 1" cape gooseberry/husk cherry is a known as Poha Berry in Hawaii. Has a 1" sweet/tart berry with smooth, wazy orange skin. Pop them out of their husks and eat them raw, dip them in chocolate, or incorporate them into a salad or dessert. High in natural pectin, they make a delightfully uncommon jam.


Small orange ground cherry, "Cape Gooseberry", sweet wild flavor.

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