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Finest of green soybeans; butterbeans are sweet buttery and high yielding. Most pods contain 3 large beans.


Short season favorite. Bright green beans for edamame, fresh shelling or drying (not quite as flavorful as the later butterbean variety.


Growing over 11" long, Fortex can be picked at 7" in length for extra slender "fillet" beans. Dark Green, firm - textured pods are cmpletely string-less and delicious at all lengths, even after seeds enlarge.

Garden of Eden

Delicious Italian heirloom, 6" long - medium green pods are remarkably sweet, tender flavor, even when over mature. Cook no longer than 3-5 minuts for best flavor and texture.

Marvel of Venice

Heirloom Italian wax FLAT bean - full of flavor. 8-9" yellow pods are 3/4" wide.


7" Long slender and elegant gourmet appearance makes them a favorite of chefs.


Deliciously rich, buttery flavor and hearty texture - Romano type 8" long 1" wide flat green pods are stringless and stay tender for long periods.


Prevail is a classic green bean that "prevails" in different soil conditions and has good heat set - just in case we get that above 90 weather during blossom season.


This Round pod bush bean is the earliest to market, because it germinates well in cool soils.

Red Noodle

Burgundy beans that grow 16-20" long. Sweet richly flavored. Burgundy color will fade when cooked.

Royal Burgundy Bush Bean

Gorgeous brilliant deep purple color, 5” stringless pods with green interiors. Lovely plants with purple veins tend to be large. Great market display when mixed with yellow wax and green beans, purple color fades to green when cooked.


Short fancy extra fine grade beans are short 4-5" long with dark green, round pods.

Tongue of Fire

This Italian "cranberry-like" bean with it's striking red-streaked pods are stringless and eat like snap beans. Original stock seeds were collected at the southern tip of South America, in Tierra del Fuego.


An "Old World" bean, called Fava or Broad Bean, has been making a come back with our customers. This is a classic English variety with 5-6" pods containg 3-5 large 1" fresh green shell beans. Dry beans are light brown.

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