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This is a seedless, spineless, and thin-skinned 6" yummy snack-size cucumber. Special care is taken in harvesting because the skin is very easy to scratch and scare.


Dark green glossy cukes has a good disease package to help us through multiple pickings.


Excellent flavor. 4-5" attractive pickler for tunnels.


Mini- snacking excellent flavor-spineless, seedless "cocktail" cucumber - Iznik is not as prolific as Unistars.


Small specialty, rounded (1.5-2.5") and pale yellow. Called Lemon only for it's color, it is sweet and flavorful - Not bitter and easier to digest than other cukes.

Marketmore 76

Marketmore has been and continues to be our favorite cucumber until we find one that we like better. The Marketmore cucumber is a thick cucumber that's perfect for salads and slicing.

Marketmore 97

This Marketmore variety was developed at Cornell University and has an even better disease resistance than Marketmore 76. We are looking forward to trying it - the seed is produced under license and a portion of the (seed) profits support vegetable breeding at Cornell, and that is a good thing.

Melon Tondo

Italian specialty. Round and has a 'down' covering typical of this type. We got the seeds from 'Seeds from Italy'. Really nice cucumber taste when picked green, but if we allow to ripen more and turn yellow it gets sweeter. It is delicious and refreshing.


Dark smooth uniform cucumber.

Salt and Pepper

White skinned pickling 3-4" - grown by special request for Annie at Millstone Farms.


Straight dark green, 8" cukes. Best DM disease resistant variety.

Striped Armenian

Wow! Fantastic flavor - Delicious and different - unusual looking, slightly fuzzy curved fruit with striped ridges. Valued for its flavor and attractiveness, this cuke is also known as snake melon. Flesh is mild, sweet and crunchy - excellent slicer and all things cucumber!


Supremo became our favorite pickling cucumber mostly because it is gorgeous green and the plant is productive and has a good flavor.

Suyo Long

We love growing this Chinese cucumber because it's delicious. It's long (up to 15") unusual looking: prickly and crooked, but truly yummy.

Tastey Jade

Good looking Japanese cucumber, smooth, glossy and straighter than our other Asian cukes.


Mini- snacking yummy spineless, seedless "cocktail" cucumber with excellent flavor.

Vertina (Pickling)

We think Vertina is our best tasting pickling cuke. It is a European Pickling, dark green, good looking with black spines.

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