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Traditional Black Italian eggplant - It is uniform 7-8 long and 3-4" diameter. It is probably our favorite of the traditional Italian because our Italian customers can't resist Nadia. It is dark purple , flossy, and blemish free.
Traviata has the classical bell shape of the traditional Italian eggplant type. It has glossy black fruit and reall good flavor.


A highly prized traditional kyo yasai or Kyoto vegetable, from the Kamo area of Japan, it has been a delicacy in that region for hundreds of years. This unique fruit is round with a flat bottom, purple.
Slender pink fruit with green calyx. Avg. 9" x 7/8" fruits. Tender flesh. Strong plant with a nice continuous yield.
Money Maker
Seeds are from Japan, where this variety is very popular.
Glossy, 5" long oval shaped fruits with purple Calyses. Excellent flavor and texture - no need to salt or peel. Use for tempura, stir-fry, baking, grilling, and pickling.
Orient Charm Orient Charm
8-10" long by 1 1/2-2 1/2" diameter fruits of the Orient Express shape, but with attractive shades of fluorescent pink, pastel pink, and white.
Orient Express
Outstanding early productivity. Attractive, slender, 8-10", glossy black fruits in the long Oriental style. Tender, delicately flavored, and quick cooking.


Clara (white)
Clara is a unique white Italian eggplant. We find white eggplant harder to grow but we keep this one - why? Because we can not resist.
Dancer Dancer/Neon
Dancer is deep pink Italian type eggplant. It is midsize and looks so good with Nadia and Nubia because they are the same shape and size with green Calyx -but with a remarkably different color. Dancer is mild, non-bitter and like Neon. It is popular in Puerto Rico.
Imolese Bianca
New for us in 2014, we are looking forward to white Italian eggplant with pearly white, firm flesh.
Similar looking to Calliope because it is glossy, purple and white variegated. Nubia is an Italian-type with a green Calyx.
Round Mauve
This is a beautiful eggplant with an unusual color of rosy lavender or dark mauve it that white halo under the calyx, which we think is a good indication of tenderness. It is spherical and good medium size of 4 " across, thin-skin and has a pure white interior. Flesh is mild and meaty with no trace of bitterness.


Barbarella is a round, dark purple Sicilian eggplant with excellent taste. The white halo under the calyx is an indication of the tenderness in eggplant. It has a wonderfully dense white flesh, making it extra good for grilling. The round fruit is heavy for its size and our friend Anthony picks it out because he is always looking for a heavy eggplant - he swears the heavier the better.
Beatrice is bright violet, round Italian eggplant that is similar in shape and flavor to Rosa Bianca. Creamy and mild, delicious.
Italian Heirloom - this seems to steal the hearts of our chef customers. It is a large, round lavender -puple fruit that is as beautiful as it is tasty. Great in eggplant parmesan, creamy and non-bitter.
Rosa Bianca
Italian Heirloom - simply delicious with a mild creamy taste. It is round, plump and streaked with white and violet and sometimes it is ribbed.
Tonda Bianca
A rosa-Bianca type. Also cale Romanesca. Big Very round whit/pink in color. It is sensational: creamy, no-bitter flesh with few seeds. This type (Rosa Bianca) are our abosolute favorite for eggplant parmesan. Just delicious.
Violette di Firenza
Gourmet Italian eggplant - Round with heavy ribbing and bright neon color. We are really looking forward to growing this in 2014! It compliments our Prosperosa and Tonda Bianca eggplants with a dashing neon (violet/pink) color.


Calliope has become a customer favorite… It is beautiful, small, oval, white and purple variegated Asian-style eggplant.
Fairy Tail
Mini-striped: We love this little eggplant and believe that if our customers tried it they would love it too. It is a gorgeous mini (2-4" x .75-1.25") purple and white stripes with a wonderful flavor, NO bitterness and very few seeds. Quick cooking tender and sweet - great to grill - eat the skin and flesh.
Gretel (white)
Mini-white: Gretel is a solid white specialty mini eggplant that is a perfect companion to both Hansel and Fairytale. It is tender and bitter-free.
Mini-dark purple: Hansel is Gretel's companion…solid dark purple, tender, non-bitter and perfect for grilling or slicing thin on pizza.
This tiny, bite-sized, rounded eggplant has shiny dark purple skin that looks almost onyx in color. The calyx is also a purplish-black, and beneath the tender skin is white flesh. These appealing little eggplants are perfect for pickling when harvested young. Mature Fruit can be cooked as you would other eggplant varieties and the are especially delicious in stir-fries, tempura or as part of a kabob.
Mini-Indian: This is an Indian type, round to egg-shaped, small (2.5-3"long 1.75-2.5" diameter). We were looking for an "Indian" eggplant and we hope this meets our expectation. 2013 is our first year growing it.
Pianta delle Uova
Little White egg-shaped eggplants that will go great in our small eggplant pack. A real delicacy.
New in our 2014 season, this petite, white to egg-shaped Indian-type is great for stuffing and is a welcome to our mini-eggplant mix.
Round Purple Thai
This Thai eggplant is the compliment of Kermit. Round fruit is bright shiny purple. Very poplularin cuisines of India, Thailand, and vietnam. Small eggplant are pickled or cooked. Delicious in curries and stews. Distinctly different than Italian eggplant-types and other tender sweet Asian types.
New in our 2014 season, this petite,light purple shaped Indian-type. We think it will be a great compliment to Phelia, Raja, and Calliope in our mini-eggplant mix. Raja's shape make it a perfect for stuffing.


Mini-Thai: Kermit is green and white stripes with white at the blossom end. It is a Thai specialty with firm flesh that is good for curries. Small round fruits (2-2.25" diameter). Looks good with Ophelia, our mini Indian Eggplant. We used to grow this Thai eggplant and stopped growing it because it was not a big seller because it is green and wierd. But we think our customers are ready to explore - if you love eggplant, you should give this Thai eggplant a try.
With appealing light green skin and full-bodied, nutty, white flesh, the slender fruits grow 8 to 9” long.
This firm, oblong eggplant is a cucumber color that gives way to a variegated milky white at the blossom end. It’s delicious grilled, baked, broiled or stewed in tomato juice.
Petch Siam
The small, 2" in diameter round, green eggplants have a dark green stripe and are very popular in India, Thailand, and Vietnam cuisine.
Thai specialty eggplant with a white blossom end that drips into a striking striped green on the shoulder. This eggplant turns yellow when very ripe and is considered a delicacy when it turns yellow. It has a sweet, mild, delicate flavor.

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